55 Gallon Drum Insulation Blanket

Drum heater for 55 gallon steel, poly, and fiberglass drums; This Drum Blanket can be used with any silicone rubber heater; This Insulation Drum Blanket is an efficient method of temperature elevation, helps toward freeze protection and viscosity control of non-hazardous materials. Also known as heat blankets, these heaters completely surround containers for fast heating and increased heat retention in unheated and drafty areas. Do not use in hazardous areas.. Heaters with an adjustable thermostat automatically turn on when the temperature drops below your set temperature and off when it rises above your set temperature. Adjust the set temperature with the keypad.


Drum heaters are also used to speed up the flow of slow-moving contents such as lube oil or honey. They can be insulating blankets or electric-powered, with a thermostat and a thermal cutoff safety device. Heating blankets are available for use with 5 gallon pails all the way up to 55 gallon drums, and some can enclose multiple drums.

55 gallon drum insulation blanket. 55 gallon drum HTSD high temperature insulation blanket. The HTSD is specifically designed for maintaining high temperatures for handling. Used to insulate product temperatures of up to 428°F (220°C), it provides insulation to maintain temperatures to process materials such as waxes, soaps and materials with a high water content. 55 Gallon Drum Fluxwrap™ Jacket with Insulation has the ability to provide full coverage cooling. This cooling blanket is used to chill drums and the contents inside. Snug wrap. Used in transportation, manufacturing, spray foam, and more! Buy Powerblanket FLUX55 55 Gallon Drum Flux Wrap Jacket with Insulation and more from our comprehensive selection of Bucket, Drum & Tote Flux Wrap Jackets with Insulation from Cole-Parmer COVID-19 Update: To support you, Cole-Parmer is open for business and shipping product daily.

55 Gallon Drum Heater Cover Specifications: Silicone impregnated cloth facing and liner; 1” (25mm) thick fiberglass insulation; Digital on / off temperature controller: 50° to 450°F (10° to 232°C) for metal drums; 50° to 160°F (10° to 71°C) for poly drums; Ηeated area: 55 and 30 gallon size: Lower two thirds 1; 5 and 5 gallon size. The CON-TROL-CURE™ Blanket Drum Warmer will maintain 55 gallon drums of material approximately 50°F warmer than outside ambient temperatures and uses only 240W of electricity. The built-in thermostat is set at 120°F and will maintain that temperature provided the ambient environmental temperature does not drop below 20°F. Looking for an ice cooling blanket for your metal drums or packaging containers? Pipeline Packaging has a variety of options to choose from.. 30 Gallon Drum Flux Wrap Jacket with Insulation.. 55 Gallon Drum Flux Wrap Jacket with Insulation. 55 Gallon Drum Flux Wrap Jacket without Insulation. 55-Gallon Pail Ice Pack ICE Cooling Blanket.

55 gallon drum insulator. Compliments any 55 gallon (208 liter) drum heater, provides full-coverage and reduces heat loss. Diameter is 22.3 in (565 mm) Specifications: Silicone impregnated cloth facing and liner; 1 inch (25mm) fiberglass insulation; Closure: Hook and loop fastener like VELCRO® 500°F (260°C) maximum exposure temperature on. Drum blanket heaters can control temperature efficiently with aluminized cloth exteriors and 1" fiberglass insulation. Use drum insulation blankets with independent drum heaters to help maintain temperature control. Pipe heaters can help keep metal pipes from freezing.. 55 in (1) 58 1/8 in (3) 58 1/2 in (5) 64 in (1) 66 3/4 in (6) 70 in (14. DrumQuilt™: The Drum Insulation Blanket that Provides Proven Temperature Protection Are you shipping cargo in 55-gallon drums that require reliable, proven temperature control? QProducts & Services makes a variety of passive temperature protection products for cargo in a variety of sizes and specifications, including 55-gallon drum insulation.

The 19W55Q 55 gallon drum quilt is an insulated quilt to protect against freeze, heat or condensation damage. Drums quilts do not use electricity. The 19W55Q insulated drum quilt comes equipped with a 6"x9" bill of lading window sewn to the top. This 55 gal Drum quilt blanket has velcro straps that allow for quilt adjustment around the drum. Insulated Blanket Drum Heater, For 55 Gallon Drums • 120v/920 Watts, Digital Thermostat Range: 10~75°C (50~167°F), Timer: 0-12 Hours • Insulation Thickness: 15mm (0.6"), Water-Proof, Unheated Drum Insulation Assembly: 55 gallon, 22.3"/565 mm diameter; Insulation Cover for 55 gallon drum; Extension Strip: For 55 gal. drums to fit up to 24.2" (615mm) diameter; 6" (152 mm) wide; Required for 55 gal. drums with removable lids

55 gallon DrumQuilt insulation only blanket. DrumQuilt™ can accommodate a 55-gallon steel, plastic or fiber drum. It is effortlessly slipped over the top of the drum and provides coverage down to the floor. DrumQuilts™ protect temperature sensitive products for a variety of applications. Powerblanket drum blankets offer a range of options to best suit your needs. They are available in three sizes from 15 gallon to 55 gallon, as well as three product classes for your required level of temperature control. Whatever industry you are in, protecting your materials is vital. Model No. DM-55DPB/2W, Drum Protection Blanket, double wall With FREE insulated drum-top cover, and EasyMount Belt Closure This super-strong, heavy duty insulating blanket with durable vinyl outer jacket is for protecting standard 55 gallon (210 liter) metal or plastic drums of any liquid. The blanket prevents the cooling of heated drums and.

To provide temporary heating to 55 gallon drums, one, two or three RT-55 Drum Heaters can be installed on the drum. Temperature Maintenance: For simple indoor temperature maintenance applications where the maintenance tempera-ture does not exceed 110°F (43°C), and no insulation blanket is used, one RT-55 Drum Heater is required. For outdoor Get this handy Drum Quilt™ that will help protect and warm the contents in your 55 gallon drums. This barrel blanket is both durable and efficient to help while you transport or store your temperature sensitive products. Because 55 Gallon Drum blanket quilt was designed to be used as a sole wrap around for your drum it is easy to install. Provides faster, more even heat Drum heater for 55 gallon steel, poly, and fiberglass drums This Drum Blanket can be used with any silicone rubber heater This Insulation Drum Blanket is an efficient method of temperature elevation, helps toward freeze protection and viscosity control of non-hazardous materials.

They’re easy to maneuver, and most shipping services know 55-gallon drum dimensions. Here are guidelines for where to buy 55-gallon drums for your shipping or storage needs. Spray Foam Insulation Longview Tx Spray Foam Insulation Fire Rating If you need to fill in some cracks in your home, foam insulation is a great option. It works by. 55 Gallon Heated Drum Warmer Blanket 55 Gallon Drum Material Warmer Wraps & Heated Electric-Power Blanket INDUSTRIES: Spray Polyurethane Foam Epoxy and Resins Biofuel Petrochemical Diesel Exhaust Fluids (DEF) in drums/tanks/ transportation ve The feature of 200L / 55 Gallon Drum Heating Blanket. A.Thickened the thermal insulation layer make the heating blanket has better thermal insulation, and faster heating up. B. Smoothly lied resistant wire makes the heating blanket heating Uniform. C. High temperature resistance flame retardant fabrics are used. D.

Description. Class I, Division 1, Zone I, 55-gallon (200 Liter), Self-Regulating Heating Element Design. CHR is proud to present our Industrial grade 55-gallon drum insulation blanket heater is certified for use in Class I, Division 1, Zones 1 and 2 Classified Hazardous Locations which is ideal for gently warming and to avoid winter freezing.

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