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Weighted blankets have been found to reduce anxiety and may help your sleep. I first used the Napper on its own as a throw. I like to watch TV while curled up in a cozy blanket. The weight felt glorious. However, between the cooling fabric and open weave, I became a bit chilled. Alone, I don’t think this “blanket” insulates like a typical. Launched in 2018, Bearaby is a company specializing in weighted blankets and bedding and has select blankets available at West Elm now. The Classic Napper caught the attention of HGTV editors because it doesn’t look like the other weighted blankets on the market. Unlike other options that tend to look like duvet inserts, the Classic Napper is hand-knit from organic cotton into an oversized.

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The Bearaby Tree Napper and the Yaasa blanket are similar in design, featuring the same open-knit style that allows for better air circulation.. It takes the idea of a weighted blanket—using.

Bearaby weighted blanket napper. Bearaby made a weighted blanket entirely from eucalyptus trees that's breathable and great for hot sleepers and warm weather.. Bearaby Bearaby's Tree Napper is made out of wood pulp from. Bearaby weighted blanket made without artificial fillers or synthetic fabrics. Naturally heavy, cooling, and hand-knit with organic materials.. Your napper weighted blankets are a dream. The perfect weight and look. Fabric is cool to the touch and the looped design keeps you cool and comfortable. My favorite weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are claimed to be able to help you sleep deeper and longer, all while reducing anxiety and providing comfort. We put one brand, Bearaby, and its "The Napper" blanket to the test.

Learn more: How to wash your Bearaby knitted weighted blanket. Specs. Our Napper is designed for a single person and comes in 3 different weights: 15 lbs – 40" x 72" 20 lbs – 45" x 72" 25 lbs – 48" x 72" Your Napper should be roughly 10% of your body weight (i.e 150lb body weight = 15lb Napper). Meet weighted blanket brand Bearaby and its flagship product, the Napper, a knitted weighted blanket that has become the security blanket I never knew I needed. If Bearaby had a 10-pound blanket I’d probably be a customer. The blanket they sent me to review is very sturdy, very well built, warm, and soft but just too darn heavy for me to be comforting.

Relaxation weighted blanket ($199) comes in three colors and three weights. The Case Bearaby’s 20-lb., 48-by-78-inch Napper takes the comfort of a weighted blanket and turns it into something. The Napper weighted blanket by Bearaby is a legend. They combined all of the benefits of a weighted blanket and combined them with the beauty of a thick knit throw. So you get to ease anxiety and relax under your weighted blanket while looking good doing it. The Bearaby Napper is a fashion-forward weighted blanket. As you’ve probably guessed, the Bearaby Napper is a weighted blanket. It comes in 15-, 20-, and 25-pound options (which is pretty standard) and its price starts at $249 for the lightest option.

Bearaby makes three types of weighted blankets: the Classic Napper, Velvet Napper and Tree Napper. They range in price from $249 to $279, depending on the weight: 15 pounds, 20 pounds or 25 pounds. Bearaby sells "The Napper," a weighted blanket. Bearaby Like any other weighted blanket, Bearaby's Napper is designed to help users sleep better. Research shows weighted blankets alleviate anxiety by reducing the brain's production of cortisol, the stress hormone, according to the brand's website. The Napper from Bearaby is a weighted blanket made from a super soft, organic cotton that carries a natural weight due to its hand-knit pattern, so there's no need to fill it with glass or plastic.

The Bearaby Napper weighted blanket came out in second place in the comparison review of weighted blankets I did earlier in 2020 (read it her e or see my YouTube video). The Bearaby is arguably just as good as my top pick – the Baloo.I only really put it in second position because it has an unusual design for a weighted blanket. Blanket Weights and Dimensions. Both Bearaby weighted blanket styles are available in one of three weights. The heavier the blanket, the slightly wider it is as well to ensure full coverage. You can choose a 15-pound blanket (40" x 72"), a 20-pound blanket (45" x 72") or a 25-pound blanket (48" x 72"). Bearaby is a manufacturer of weighted blankets and comforters. Our review will look at the company’s flagship product, the Classic Napper. This innovative weighted blanket is constructed entirely from chunky organic cotton yarns coated in elastane. The blanket does not have a cover or shell. Bearaby offers weights of 15, 20, and 25 pounds.

The Bearaby Might Not Be A Good Match For… Children and lightweight people. The lightest Bearaby Napper model is 15 lbs. Bearaby and many other companies recommend choosing a weighted blanket that is around 10% of one’s body weight.Based on this formula, the Napper might not work for those who are lighter than 150 lbs. The Napper. The original weighted blanket, and my personal favorite: Bearaby's hand-knitted weighted blanket can barely stay in stock. Despite its super chunky appearance, the blanket is. The original Napper is made from naturally weighted vegan cotton yarn, woven into a stylish and functional blanket that adds soothing weight without artificial filling materials. The Napper ranges.

Bearaby sent over a Tree Napper for me to try out for myself. After unboxing, I really was struck by the blanket’s throw-esque look; it’s just more aesthetically pleasing than your average weighted blanket. Actually, it doesn’t look like a weighted blanket at all, but truly, it is heavy. Bearaby makes two different types of this weighted blanket: the Cotton Napper, which is made of organic cotton, and the Tree Napper, which is made of Tencel, a sustainable material with cooling. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Bearaby Weighted Blanket 20lbs “The Napper” at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!

The Cotton Napper is the original Bearaby weighted blanket, and it is soft, breathable, and superbly cozy. I personally have the Asteroid Grey Cotton Napper, and I love how chic and stylish it looks thrown on my couch, or draped over the end of my bed.

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