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Very effective blanket weed treatment starts working immediately. Helps breakdown and remove unsightly and dangerous blanket weed deposits. Best barley straw alternative, without the usual barley straw mess; Shelf life 2 years, 1 x 50g Pack treats up to 12,500 litres. Hydra Lake Clear is a special formulation for lake weed control that removes slime, string algae and blanket weed in lakes or other large bodies of water. It is a favoured product of various ground keepers including those taking care of fishing lakes, stately homes, golf courses, leisure parks, angling clubs and boat docks.

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How to Cure Pond Blanket Weed. What is Blanketweed. Blanketweed is the common name given to filamentous (string) algae, but it actually comes in different forms, from a short (2-3mm) growth on the side of the pond which breaks up as you touch it to strong strands which can grow 3-4m long and all sorts in between.

Best blanket weed remover. What is blanket weed and where does it come from? There are around 20,000 different forms of algae with over 500 species under the umbrella of blanket weed or string algae as it is also known. Blanket weed is a hair like algae that consists of long green fibres which grow rapidly and if left untreated will quickly spread throughout a pond. Our range of chemical, natural and electronic blanket weed treatments help you control blanket weed problems in your pond.. We sell a range of additives for your pond to help combat blanket weed in liquid, tablet and powder form.. Installing an electronic blanket weed controller provides a more permanent solution to your blanket weed problem.. Blanket weed brushes are specially designed to. Find out more about removing Blanketweed. Green Lightning is now recognised as one of the best-selling treatments for Blanket Weed in the U.K. and is used by amateurs and professionals alike.. It is a totally safe natural product that cannot harm flora or fauna and is specifically designed to remove Blanket Weed and clarify ponds and lakes.

5 Pond Problems Caused by Blanket Weed . 1. Aesthetics. Blanket weed ruins the appearance of a pond. 2. Not only does it make ponds unappealing, it’s often a sign of chemical imbalance in the pond. (Yes, even if the water looks clear!) 3. It consumes large amounts of oxygen from pond water. Also Read: 6 Best Blanket Weed Eating Fish. Turtles and Snails for Weed Control. Both snail and turtle feed on vegetation. Therefore, if you have a small garden pond, you can have some of them to minimize the number and growth of weeds in your pond. Turtles are good pets and their presence will increase the beauty of your pond. Blanket weed is the very devil to get rid of! You can never eradicate it, in my experience, but the best thing is to try to keep on top of it. First – use a stick to twirl it around (like trying to get candyfloss on a stick!) and dispose of the weed.

Ponds almost inevitably develop a covering of green duckweed or blanketweed over summer. In this Gardeners’ World programme clip, Monty Don highlights the various ways to control these fast-growing pond invaders, and what to do with the vegetation after you remove it. Buy Envii Blanketweed Klear, our unique blanket weed killer that eliminates floating blanket weed from ponds. Free delivery on all orders. We are a family-run business, super passionate about delivering the best. Specialising in unique premium quality garden, pond and home products, we believe you deserve the ultimate performance to suit your. The result is often blanket weed. It’s more than happy to feed off the nutrients and until the right balance is reached algae will be a pest. It went away – now it’s back. Maintaining the right balance of plants, sunlight and nutrients in your pond is essential, or blanket weed can continue to be a problem. Don’t overcrowd your fish.

Buy blanket weed remover and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items The downside of this algae remover is that it is slower to work compared to chemical algaecides, and works best against regular free-swimming algae. We found that it was not as effective against large string algae and blanket weed, and required a lot of time to become established. Order your Blanket Weed Remover Today! Treatment of your pond or lake with Green Lightning is like a course of medicine. You will need to put in the same amount every month until the weed has completely gone.Then you should put in half the monthly specified amount to prevent the weeds return until the end of Setpember.

Getting rid of Blanket Weed in your garden pond can feel like a never-ending battle. See our post on how to banish Blanket Weed and get crystal clear water again. Blanket weed causes and treating phosphates. There are many Blanket Weed remedies but first, you need to understand the causes: Plants, plants and more plants! Blanket Weed is a form of filamentous algae which will grow to carpet the surface of the pond and areas of flow (e.g. waterfalls). There are several factors that can cause excessive growth of Blanket Weed and although an effective treatment will remove algae the causative factors must be addressed to prevent further outbreaks. The Removal and Treatment of Blanketweed. The Dept of the Environment have effectively banned all chemical treatments to kill Blanket Weed. Some proprietary brands are still sold in Europe but the favoured method of Blanket Weed control is the use of “natural” methods.

Natural blanket weed pond treatment with algaecide monolinuron Provides fast, effective and complete control down to 4°C Awarded Which? magazine’s Best Buy for blanket weed control! Delivers results within two weeks, safe for all ornamental ponds Harmless to fish, frogs and all birds and animals! Lastly, we come to the “magic” option. Rather than removing, or killing, the blanket weed directly, you can remove the source of the growth. Phosphate is a key asset in the onward march of blanket weed, so if you can remove or reduce this chemical cad, you can win the war with the weed. Blanket Weed (Spirogyra adnate) is one of the most prolific aquatic weeds found in ponds in the U.K. In The USA it is called Long String Algae which aptly describes its thin stringy look.It is not a plant but a filamentous algae and it’s presence in a pond is not only unsightly but blocks light from the water and even makes it difficult for fish to swim in the pond.

There are six best ways to treat pond algae: Blanket Weed Brush. The manual way to get rid of pond algae is to use a blanket weed brush. The durable nylon brush head and pointy tip allow for the weed to be pulled out effortlessly. The Hozelock blanket weed brush has a telescopic design that can be adjusted to lengths between 60cm to 180cm. Pond algae and blanket weed. Algae can be a major problem in ponds, causing discoloured water, green scum at the pond edges, or dense mats of green growth under the surface. If conditions are favourable, algae will spread quickly and can harm aquatic life. Cloverleaf makes a wide variety of weed treatments under the Answer label. One of those products is the Cloverleaf Blanker Answer (CBA) Weed Controller. It is an award winning and best selling product to control pond algae. Cloverleaf founded in 1981 is a family business that continues to operate the company today. Cloverleaf has built …

The Hozelock Blanket Weed Brush provides a simple yet effective way of manually removing unsightly blanket weed from the pond. The telescopic handle comes fitted with a durable nylon brush head for easier collection of the blanket weed from your pond. The Blanket Weed Brush has an adjustable handle length from 60cm up to 180cm.

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