Can I Dry Clean My Weighted Blanket

Using an Upholstery Cleaner to Clean a Weighted Blanket. Another page we can take out of the mattress cleaning playbook is using a carpet and upholstery cleaning machine on a weighted blanket. These machines are available as rentals for about $30 at grocery, hardware or home improvement stores, or you can buy one. Buying a duvet for your weighted blanket makes cleaning a cinch. Likewise some weighted blankets come with a removable cover. The cover or duvet can be washed as normal with any precautions. However, you will need to manually treat stains that seep through to the weighted blanket underneath.

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Adobe. Dry Clean Only. If your weighted blanket happens to include organic filler, such as beans, rice or corn, or another unusual material, like sand, avoid getting it wet if at all possible.

Can i dry clean my weighted blanket. We got you covered. Read on to find out how you can clean your favorite blanket! Quick guidelines on cleaning your weighted blanket. If your weighted blanket has a cover, unzip it/unbutton it and remove it from the inner blanket. It always helps to refer back to the manufacturer’s instructions. Have a read through the washing instructions. If you already own a weighted blanket that needs to be air-dried, you can drape it over your washer and dryer (as I do) or over a clean bathtub until it’s fully dry. My weighted blanket takes almost a full day to dry, so prepare to go without your blanket for a night after washing. The ideal way to wash a weighted blanket depends greatly on its design, and also the type of filler and fabric, dry cleaning is not an option for this type of blanket. Photo blankets that are weighted with plastic pellets or glass micro-beads are typically safe for machine washing but not for being dry cleaned.

Premium blankets made from silk or wool, however, can cost upwards of $25. At, some users stated that they paid anywhere from $5 to as much as $20 to have a wool blanket dry cleaned. Dry cleaning a blanket overview. Dry cleaners are going to price the blanket according to its size and material. Basically, don’t overdo it, but sure you keep the blanket clean and functioning. Otherwise, you can potentially ruin your blanket with either scenario. How do I dry my weighted blanket? Before we go over where you can buy a weighted blanket, let’s quickly discuss how you can dry your weighted blanket. 1 – Consider The Blanket’s Filler. Most commercial weighted blankets are filled with micro glass beads or plastic poly pellets, which unless stated otherwise on the manufacturer’s washing instructions, are both washable.. Blankets (hand made or otherwise) filled with sand or organic substances such as rice or beans should not be washed.Sand expands when wet and can be difficult to dry.

Before you wash your weighted blanket, you should look at your blanket’s special instructions during washing.You can check before purchasing the blanket or check the tag on the blanket. Also, check the material to make sure you can wash it safely, without damaging the fabric or the filling.. Gentle machine washed in cold water is generally recommended for most weighted blankets. To keep your blanket in tip-top shape, wash separately, in a cool wash with gentle detergent (no chlorine bleach or fabric softener) and either hang dry or tumble dry on low. But since each weighted blanket can be a different combination of fabrics, here is some more specific information. Rated for the dryer 2. Air dry. You can also air dry your weighted blanket. This method ensures that the filler won’t melt, and it can provide the most even drying. If your weighted blanket has any type of metal beads, chains, or other filler, air drying is the safest way to go. Air drying also reduces peeling on certain fabrics, including fleece.

If your blanket has a separate outer cover, you can remove it and wash it separately without washing the actual blanket. You can also wash a weighted blanket by hand in a tub using a mild detergent. Let your blanket air dry, or use a low setting on your drier to avoid crumpling. For tips on how to hand wash a weighted blanket, read on! Purchasing a heavy-duty blanket that perfectly suits your sleep needs is one thing, but storing and washing weighted blankets is a topic that's slightly more complicated, especially if your blanket isn't safely encased in an easy-to-clean duvet cover. Bulky blankets are anything but easy to fold, and the idea of simply throwing a 20-pound blanket in the washing machine sounds logistically. It can be damaging to wash your weighted blanket frequently, it can also damage your washing machine as well. To cut down on washing frequency, consider using a removable cover. If you desperately need to wash out a stain, consider spot cleaning using a soft brush and detergent.

The filling and fabric of weighted blankets can vary. So before you head to the laundromat or drop your hard-earned cash at the dry cleaner, check the tag for materials and any special cleaning. You can also run it through a tumble dry setting, and throw it in with a dry towel to fluff your blanket up a bit. To air dry your weighted blanket, try not to hang it over an old school clothes line, or else it might make the beads or poly-pellets inside become dispersed unevenly throughout the blanket. Regarding your queries on whether to dry clean your weighted blanket, a balanced response would be to say that only for certain weighted blanket varieties. If your calming blanket is made of fabrics such as linen or rayon or wool, only then pursue the dry cleaning mode.

The polypropylene pellets are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and can withstand drying in a regular machine, but you should always dry your weighted blanket on the correct setting. 100% Cotton Weighted Blankets – Dry on a low or medium setting. Never iron or microwave. Don’t dry clean. Waterproof Fabric Weighted Blankets – Dry on a low setting. Dry Clean. The big question: can you dry clean a weighted blanket? Most weighted blanket care labels will not recommend dry cleaning. Dry cleaners wash clothes by using solvents instead of water . The clothes go in a huge washing machine — also not ideal for some weighted blanket materials. 100% Cotton Weighted Blankets – Hang dry only. Don’t dry clean. Weighted Blankets with Minky Fabric – Hang dry only. Don't dry clean. If you’ve purchased a weighted blanket from a different manufacturer, be cautious about drying it in a machine.

SensaCalm weighted blankets are helping people get the rest they need all around the world and we are confident our weighted blankets can help you or a loved one. If you have any further questions about your new weighted blanket and its usage please feel free to call or email us (855-736-7222 or [email protected] ). You’re now ready to hand-wash your weighted blanket. Add the blanket to the water and completely submerge it. Gently knead and rub the sections together to clean it. Leave submerged for 15 minutes and then repeat the rubbing process. Drain the tub completely with the blanket still in it. Add clean water and rinse your weighted blanket out. Can I Wash my Weighted Blanket Using a Home Washer and Dryer? This is certainly one of those “it depends” questions. If your blanket is under 12 pounds, then in most cases you can use your normal washer and dryer, just be sure to set the dryer on low, of if possible, put the blanket on a rack to air dry to ensure no damage is done to the.

General Rules for Washing Weighted Blankets. Remove the cover of your weighted blanket if it’s possible.; Read the washing instructions and strongly follow them. Usually, they are printed on the cover. Check the blanket and its cover, there can be different stains which are hard to clean.If you have found some dry stains, put the spot in cold water, use a detergent and rinse it out.

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