Can I Use Electric Blanket On Memory Foam Mattress

We use both – electric blanket directly on mattress and then mattress protector over it and under the bottom sheet. Works for us and stops you lying directly on the blanket wiring (even just through the sheet).. Report Inappropriate Content. Message 2 of 33 (13,873 Views) Reply. 0 Kudos Highlighted. For some people, having an electric blanket gives the added warmth that they need. With a memory foam mattress, you might feel a little trepidation about using one. So the question is, could outside heat mess up that equation? While some memory fo…

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The reason why people say not use an Electric Blanket is because extended heat on a topper or memory foam mattress can cause damage to it. The way memory foam works is by forming to your body due to heat softening up the foam. Too much heat for too long can destroy the supporting nature of memory foam rendering it broken.

Can i use electric blanket on memory foam mattress. The lower heat setting will have a more effective impact on a memory foam mattress than a traditional one because the memory foam will absorb the heat from the electric blanket. Step 3 Turn off the blanket when your bed reaches the desired warmth or adjust your electric blanket settings to automatically turn off after a certain time period. A : The electric blanket should be "sandwiched" between the mattress topper and the bottom sheet that you sleep on. If you have bought a mattress topper for its body moulding properties, you will notice a difference in the feel when you put an electric blanket on top of it. The warmth from an electric blanket that is in direct contact with a mattress will cause the memory foam to soften too much and effect your support so it is best to keep any added heat over you. This blanket can be machine washed and tumble dried at 40 degrees on a wool programme.

We are in the beginning phase of our search and have been concentrating on latex. But my wife likes to warm the bed with an electric heating mattress pad, which I hate. We have been told that this is not recommended for any later mattress. Could she use a heaating pad for 10 to 15 minutes on her side? I like a cooler sleep environment than her. This is a biggie. Most electric blankets come equipped with a timer. It’s important to use it! Whether you have a memory foam mattress or not, leaving an electric blanket on can create discomfort, serious injury, or worse. Utilize the timer function on your blanket to make sure that you have a safe and comfortable night’s sleep. Further to my above posting I have done further research and found, my own memory foam mattress has a label that states electric blankets should not be used. But I do not know if this is because it is a fire risk or because memory foam is harder below 18degrees C and as it warms up become softer and if you use an electric blanket it may become.

You can use any electric blanket/heating pad with your mattress, yes. However, you should remember that memory foam reacts to heat and pressure, so if the heating pad is placed directly onto the mattress (i.e. under your back), the memory foam will react to the heat of your electric pad, not your body. This can disrupt the memory foam's ability. Q. Can I use an electric blanket with my TEMPUR mattress? A. We do not recommend the use of electric blankets or hot water bottles when sleeping on a TEMPUR mattress. Because TEMPUR material responds to your body heat, an electric blanket or hot water bottle will prevent it from doing this and properly contouring to your shape. The answer is no, because of the intrinsic qualities of memory foam, using an electric blanket on a memory foam mattress is not recommended. Fortunately, memory foam is actually far better at holding in heat than other mattress materials, meaning that it is warmer than other beds and the need for an electric blanket is less likely in a memory.

Can I use a woollen underlay or mattress protector with my electric blanket? Yes, if you have a Safe & Sound electric blanket manufactured in 2005 or later, it can be used in conjunction with an. One of the concerns about using an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress is that the mattress will become too warm and won't be as comfortable as a result. To make sure this doesn't happen, Nectar advise always 'prepping' your mattress by placing a sheet between it and the electric blanket. According to the Electric Blanket Institute, there is no safety problem using one with a good memory foam mattress (unlike cheap egg-crate type foams). But opinion is divided on using electric mattress pads with memory foam. Because memory foam softens in response to heat, some say that a memory foam mattress that’s too warm won’t properly.

Can you use an electric blanket on a memory foam mattress? To much direct heat over extended periods of time can cause damage to the material”. Experts further suggests that if at bedtime your mattress is too cold, try turning up the bedroom thermostat for twenty to thirty minutes before going to bed. I have a memory foam mattress. On top of that is a mattress topper (foam). That is then covered with 2 old fitted sheets (to keep clean). I then have a heated mattress cover (which is an electric blanket but fitted like a sheet. I couldn't be doing with all the strings on a normal electric blanket). On top of that I have a fitted mattress cover. Electric blankets are different since they do not sit directly on the memory foam. We feel that it is okay to use an electric blanket with your memory foam without harming the it. When using either an electric blanket or electric mattress pad with memory foam, it is important to remember that memory foam is temperature sensitive.

Use of electric blankets or heated mattress pads with a memory foam mattress or topper On occasion, a client will question whether they can use an electric blanket or electric mattress pad with their memory foam mattress or memory foam topper. Comfort House has been a leading seller of both heated bedding products and memory foam bedding products for more than 20 years. Q: Can I use an Electric Blanket with my Memory Foam Pillow or Topper? A: Memory Foam is designed to mould and support your body shape. This occurs when the Memory Foam warms slightly via your natural body heat. The use of Electric blankets will adversely affect this function. Prolonged heat from Electric Blankets can also, in extreme cases. I have heard that using both a (foam) mattress topper and an electric blanket is dangerous as there's the risk of overheating and fire. Read the instructions, please. Add message | Report | See all.. It's not a memory foam topper and there are no instructions (given it from a friend although it's not old). The make is Homefront,I can't find.

According to Jeffrey Gornstein, president of Comfort House, it is perfectly fine to use an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress. A number of factors should just be kept in mind. Place the electric blanket atop the sheets on your memory foam mattress and plug the blanket into an electrical socket. Trust in the heat-sensitive memory foam to keep you warm even on the coldest of nights. Can I Use a Heating Pad On A Memory Foam Mattress? Much like an electric blanket, a heating pad will alter the way the memory foam reacts to your body weight and warmth, so you may not feel the comfort and health benefits the innovative material has to offer. You can use an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress (as reported by Silentnight). BUT It should be for a short period only and certainly not left on all night or it will shorten the life of the mattress. AND It would actually act as a buffer between your body and the memory foam and render the advantage of the mattress completely useless.

Using an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress is perfectly safe and won’t put you at risk. However, it’s still not always a good idea… Can I Use an Electric Blanket with a Memory Foam Mattress? This depends on what type of electric blanket you’re using. You CAN use: A heated throw or an electric overblanket. These should be.

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