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100% cotton cellular blanket (100x150cm) These individually packaged soft 100% cotton cellular blankets are ideal to be used in a pram, cot, crib or Moses basket. Size; 100x150cm Material; 100% CottonColours – Blue, White, Grey, Pink or assorted (6 of each colour). A cellular blanket or cellular baby blanket is a blanket with thousands of tiny holes in it, often made of cotton and used in maternity hospitals and for babies.. Why use a cellular blanket?. The holes in a cellular blanket allow airflow, making them safe for babies to use (as demonstrated in the picture featuring Taiwanese blogger Bai’s beautiful baby).

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Hi, I have a 7 month old son and he's just started a funny habit when I put him down in his cot for a nap… He pulls the blanket. Read more on Netmums

Cellular blanket over baby face. Mori baby blanket Made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton, this little blanket (87 x 74cm) with it’s simple, understated pattern is perfect for newborns. When babies sleep, they can often be wriggly which means there is a risk of the blanket coming over their face, the small holes ensures that baby will be safe if this happens as they can still breathe due to the small holes throughout the blanket. Cellular blankets are super easy to layer too, if the room is a cooler temperature, cellular. I swore by swaddling in cellular blankets in first few weeks – am convinced my baby slept better when her arms were trapped – she would resist for a bit then give up and fall asleep. Cellular blankets are recommended over normal ones so that if they do manage to pull them over their heads, they can still breathe.

I know you’re meant to use cellular blankets in the crib, and I understand this is because they have holes in so baby can breathe if it goes over their face? I’ve been given lots of handmade knitted/crocheted blankets and some have holes in the pattern – are these ok to use or do I need to buy a special cellular blanket? Niuniu Daddy Premium Blanket Cotton blanket with cellular construction for greater insulation and breathability. Niuniu Daddy's baby blanket made of super breathable, soft and gentle plush polyester fabric which can bring your extraordinary hand feel and advanced texture, the lastest reticulate knitting craftwork not only can keep warm for baby ,but also Let the baby feel comfortable and cozy. The Blanket’s real benefits lie within its cellular construction, which provides insulation and breathability at the same time. They are made from 100% breathable Cotton and are available in white, cream, yellow, blue and pink – so whether you have a boy or girl or you’re preparing for the baby’s arrival, we have every option you need.

A must have for baby's essential range, this blanket is crafted purely in natural cotton with a cellular design. Blue cellular blanket Pure cotton Cellular fabric Keep away from fire These were originally designed so that your baby could be wrapped up without overheating, so you would get the insulation and the breathability all at the same time. Also, if your baby wriggled and pulled the blanket over her face she could still breathe. This cellular blanket is100% cotton so is machine washable and seems to soften up with. Grab the (baby’s) right corner of the blanket and wrap it around the left side of their body, under the armpit. Pull the bottom corner of the blanket up over your baby’s feet.

Placing a blanket over the arms and too far up can cause them to cover their face if they move their arms. Pillows are never safe for babies– Statistics for pillows and babies are not good. Studies show that 32 infant deaths each year are attributed to pillow use by either laying the baby directly on the pillow or under their head. The cellular feature helps provide insulation and can be used by layering with a flat sheet so you can achieve the right level of warmth for your little one, or simply used to drap over your baby during feeds. The mothercare range of cellular blankets comes in 6 colours to match perfectly with your nursery. crib/ moses basket size; 100% cotton Lemonad3, yes cellular blankets are essential. They are the only type of blanket that should be used with a newborn, as if blanket goes over their face they can still breathe. If it's cold you just layer with another cellular blanket, but you are not supposed to use different types of blanket till they are a bit older x x x

[custom_html]The cellular design of these blankets helps to provide greater insulation without adding too much weight on top of baby. A cellular baby blanket can be used on its own, or by layering it Baby Blankets & Wraps – Baby, Kids & Family Showing over 30 products. Sort by : Default Featured Customer Rating Price – Lowest First Price – Highest First Product Name A-Z Product Name Z-A Highest % Discount Aiding airflow and helping babies regulate their temperature, cellular blankets are a modern essential for a new baby. Perfect for both winter and those sticky summer nights, cellular blankets will keep your baby sleeping soundly. At Scandiborn we can have a collection of beautiful, snuggly blankets, including this blanket from Mama Designs.

A good test is to fold the blanket several times and hold it firmly over your nose and mouth. If you can easily take breaths through the material then your baby should be able to as well. Put a baby safe cellular blanket over your face and do the same test if you are unsure. Hello. My baby is due in under 3 weeks. To start with we are using a moses basket with cotton flat sheets and cellulars only. When baby outgrows this (around 4 – 5 months, i think?) We shall be moving it into a cotbed. Would it be safe to use a fleece blanket over a cotton flatsheet to cover baby at this age? A baby cellular blanket is a timeless new gift but it’s often not used just as a blanket.. If you’re worried about baby getting cold, wrap the blanket over you two (making sure his face isn’t covered). A swaddling blanket. Swaddling is back “in fashion”. Swaddling is proven to reduce crying for some babies.

Baby ballet in the summer time Florence is really enjoying her ballet classes which she has been doing for a year now. She is just about to get moved up to the next group in September now that she has turned 3 years old. Over the summer Miss Kelly is doing pop up classes around Brighton and Hove to take advantage of the days that are gorgeous Sunshine and last week it was just gorgeous. I'm trying to get DS2 to nap/ sleep at night time but he will only drop off if the blanket is over his face? Once he is sleeping I move it, I do use the cellular blankets also as they have the holes in them so he can breathe still anyone else's LO (little one) do this? Sleep: Your baby may need an extra layer over her blanket in cool weather. Cellular blankets are particularly convenient for extra warmth when out and about. Calm: Cover the pram or infant seat to block out the over stimulating world for your new baby.

A gray & blue baby blanket for your favorite little one! This cuddly chevron baby blanket is the perfect baby boy blanket for a blue and gray chevron nursery. Adorable for photo sessions or every day snuggling! { HANDMADE } Each blanket is handmade by me. A lot of hours go into each blanket 🙂 Current crochet time for blankets is 3 weeks.

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