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New electric blankets are a minimal safety risk, but old, damaged, or improperly used electric blankets can pose a risk for fire or burns. Learn how to avoid potential risks and who shouldn’t be. Electric Blanket Safety Tips Today's electric blankets are much safer than they were decades ago. Less wattage is used for electric blankets nowadays, so they are less likely to warm at such a high heat that they cause a fire. Most electric blankets come with a safety mechanism so they shut down after a period of time.

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A campervan electric blanket is an affordable way to get warm when you’re living van life in winter. 12-volt heated camping blankets have a fairly low wattage draw, and can be plugged into a cigarette lighter, inverter or portable power station.

Electric blanket tips. Electric blanket safety tips and running costs. July 20th, 2015. Air Conditioners Appliance Questions Appliance Talk Environment, Energy & Water Saving Heaters Heating & Cooling. One great way to deal with the winter chill is to dig the old electric blanket out of the linen cupboard. Size Consider whether you want an electric blanket for your bed or just for lounging around the house. A comforter-size electric blanket, while practical for sleeping, may overwhelm your couch or sitting space, while also being less energy efficient. There are many heated blankets the size of your average throw blanket available. Some Simple Tips for Electric Blanket Safety Using Blankets Safely. The easiest way to reduce the electric blanket fire risk is to turn it on shortly before getting into bed. It should only be used to warm the bed and turned off when bedtime arrives. The blanket could overheat if left on overnight.

Safety is something you can never ignore when purchasing electrical accessories. If your electric blanket features markings of ‘UL’ or ‘ETL’ you can trust the brand. These are signs the product adheres to necessary safety features. Because power outlets differ you should also ensure the blanket is appropriate for the country you live in. Washing an Electric Blanket By Hand. If you have an electric blanket that requires hand washing, or your washing machine is too small for the blanket, you can follow similar steps to clean it. Do not take it to a laundromat to use a commercial machine as these will be too rough on the blanket. Electric blankets and heating pads make cozy companions on chilly days. But they potentially could be a fire hazard if not used correctly.Before you plug yours in and snuggle up for the season, consider these electric blanket and heating pad safety tips from The Electric Blanket Institute and Electrical Safety Foundation International, as well as the Seattle Fire Department.

An electric blanket will satisfy the cooler sleeper while letting the partner who sleeps warm avoid overheating during the night. Soothing Pain And Discomfort: An electric blanket is a great way to soothe away achy muscles and general discomfort at any time of day. Drying An Electric Blanket. Once you are done washing the electric blanket you can remove it and put it in the dryer. I recommend drying it in a dryer instead of air drying for a number of reasons. First of all, you can’t line dry an electric blanket because you aren’t supposed to use clothespins on it or fold it over a clothesline. Snuggling into a cozy electric blanket on a cold winter’s night is hard to beat, but like all bedding, electric blankets occasionally need to be cleaned. If you’re worried about how to clean an electric blanket, you can relax. The process is actually pretty simple, and it doesn’t require an expensive trip to the dry cleaner! In fact, the harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning can damage.

Simple and effective, this pick is super popular on Amazon with nearly 1,500 five-star reviews. This electric blanket by Sunbeam offers three heat settings, auto shut-off, and cozy fleece fabric. Electric Blanket Safety Tips webadmin 2017-01-20T18:55:46+00:00. Electric Blanket Safety. Do you have questions about lawsuits for injuries suffered in electric blanket fires? According to some sources, each year there are as many as 5,000 electric blanket fires. We tend to think of electric blankets as safe household devices. Non-Electric Self Warming Pads. An easy choice would be a self-warming bed pad or pet bed. They require no electricity, so you don’t have to worry about them eventually breaking – I know I’m going to have to replace my electric blanket at some point because it feels delicate, and old, worn out units tend to be a fire hazard.

However, using an electric blanket in the winter may ultimately save a significant sum off your winter electric bill. Safety concerns. There are some safety concerns associated with the use of an electric blanket. Diabetics or other people with decreased heat sensitivity or an inability to respond to pain should never use an electric blanket. The electric blankets of the past were thin and poorly insulated, but today's electric blankets are different. Often made of thick fleece or other quality materials, it's common to find an electric blanket with enough natural insulation (measured in grams per square meter, or "GSM") to provide warmth even without electricity. Here are our top tips for how to clean an electric blanket by hand. The key when washing a electric blanket by hand is to ensure you avoid agitating the heating element too much. Turn off your blanket, unplug it from the wall and if you can, remove the power cord.

The Electric Blanket Tips and Advice. How far away is your bed from the nearest outlet? This determines the cord length you’ll need from your electric blanket. You can use almost any electric blanket if you have an outlet right next to your bed, but you’ll need something longer if your power outlet is located on a distant wall.. Check electric blankets regularly, no matter how new they are. Three to five years of regular use is about the maximum expected safe life of an electric blanket. Only use an electric blanket to warm a bed and take care when it is switched on. If the blanket is left switched on while a person sleeps, it can overheat their body. Electric blankets. Replace your electric blanket every 5 years with newer heat-protected models, which are safer. Worn and old electric blankets can cause an electric shock, fire and possibly even death. At the first sign of wear have your electric blanket checked by a qualified electrician. Don't place heavy objects on the bed while the.

To machine-wash your electric blanket, start by removing the cord from your blanket. Then, soak the blanket for 10-15 minutes in cold or warm water, depending on the manufacturer's instructions. To wash the blanket, set your machine to "delicate" and add a small amount of detergent. Detach your electric blanket from the heating controller per the manufacturer instructions. STEP 2 Place the blanket in the plastic bin or tub, add mild detergent, and fill it with cool water. Electric blankets have come a long way from the thin, scratchy cloth of yesteryear. Luxury materials like faux fur, micro plush, and Sherpa make these blankets more comfortable than ever. These materials also add extra warmth for the chilliest season. Choose an electric blanket made from your material of choice for the best result.

Safety Tips For Using An Electric Blanket Even though I’m telling you that it isn’t safe for the elderly to use an electric blanket, I know there will be those who will still use one anyway. They will see it as a cheaper way to stay warm at night (they don’t have to run the heater as much) or maybe they don’t want to part with something.

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