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To my husband and I (we took the Alaskan cruise 3 years ago) the balcony is a must- especially on this particular cruise because you are cruising close to land, glaciers, etc. Even a crappy balcony in a poor cruise ship is worth more than an inside cabin on a great ship. Love the ability to step outside and breath some fresh air. The cost difference is not that great, and the amenities are well worth. Just of of a 4 day Princess cruise, and had a balcony. The price difference was just $20 a day for the two of us.

Are Balcony Cabins Worth It? (With images) Theme cruises

My personal opinion is a balcony is worth it on the Alaska cruise if you can get the aft facing ones. We had great views from the back of the ship and I would do it again. The first time we cruised Alaska we did an inside cabin and that was fine too, just spent more time out in the areas where I could see the scenery better.

Is it worth a balcony on a cruise. We booked a balcony for our cruise last year, when our daughter was 15 months old and we booked a large balcony for our upcoming cruise on the Epic. We purchased a small blow up pool for our daughter and filled it with a little water, the enjoyment she had was worth the extra money. The easy answer is to say, yes, a balcony is a wonderful feature to splurge for. As much as cruise ships are becoming destinations unto themselves, we still travel on them to seek out actual destinations, and balconies are what most directly connect private accommodations with both ports of call and the sea. Also, not sure who you are going with, but Carnival offers a room option where you can get a "guaranteed balcony" for significantly cheaper. In this situation, you would get a balcony but they will pick the room for you based on what rooms are available close to the sailing. I booked a cruise for this Sunday with a "Guaranteed Suite".

Cruise Balcony Room Worth It February 9, 2019 – by Zamira – Leave a Comment Is it worth to get a balcony on cruise cruisehabit the 5 best balcony cabins for your next cruise critic golden princess cruises balcony cabin review b630 star is it worth to get a balcony on cruise cruisehabit royal caribbean unofficial about And she's not sure a balcony on a large cruise ship is worth the extra cash just to gaze out at an endless blue sea. "Not that it's lacking in its own beauty," she says of the sea. "But it falls a. Time in Room. If you’re planning a short two- or three-day cruise, you might find a stateroom with a balcony a waste of money. With the abundance of activities on today’s cruise ships, you probably will spend most of your time enjoying the public rooms and cruise activities rather than lounging in your room.

The basics of a balcony cabin are the same, whether your cruise room is located midship or aft. All have twin beds convertible to queen- or king-sized beds, a desk/vanity combo, closets and. You have a few room options to choose from when booking a cruise, and knowing which one to pick can be daunting. Here are the times when springing for the balcony room is worth your hard earned money. Book readers often cite having a balcony as a favorite activity. Itinerary. Cruise experts will often say depending on the itinerary, a balcony room may be more important than on other sailings. If your cruise sails to Alaska or the Mediterranean, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that a balcony is worth spending more.

WorthIt! Cruise Pricing $1,297 per person, double occupancy, interior balcony (Exterior, ocean-view balconies are sold out!) Where You're Sailing. One of the few things most cruisers agree on is this, having a balcony on an Alaska or Norwegian Fjords cruise is much more valuable than having one in the Caribbean.. Of course, that also means it's more expensive. The Caribbean isn't short of beautiful views, that's for sure, but what makes Alaska and Norwegian sailings a bit more unique is that you spend hours, even. Cruises – Royal Caribbean: Is balcony room worth upgrade – The Royal Caribbean cruise I am considering is the 6 night Western Caribbean trip on Jewel of the Seas. Oceanview room is $600 while room.

An all Hawaii cruise on Pride of America, a balcony makes sense. A Med or Greece cruise is a close call. With kids I’d rather have space than balconies personally. It also depends on cost. Last time we cruised out of Italy we did the Divina in the Yacht Club. It was worth it but we used the Balcony a bunch and are adults in a private area of. Cruise ship cabin types include interior, ocean view, balcony, and suite, with prices varying depending on size and location. For many, the decision comes down to an interior stateroom vs. a balcony stateroom, or rather, value vs. experience. So, is a balcony stateroom really worth it? All can be chalked up to personal preference. “The value of having a balcony versus a French balcony depends on the cruise company,” says Mary Jean Tully, TTE for Higher-End Ships. “They are not all designed the same. On Viking’s river cruises, for example, when you splurge on a balcony you are also upgrading to a larger suite, and for many people, that is well worth it.

Balcony rooms offer more living space, as well as private balcony to enjoy. Of course, that comes at an additional cost and many cruisers are curious if that extra space and fresh air is worth spending more to enjoy. Here is what to consider when deciding if a balcony cabin on a cruise is worth it. Trip length A balcony is nice, but it's not always worth the added expense IMO. In Alaska, I want a balcony because there is so much to see. We did a cruise from SF to Hawaii. That was 15 days long and we had a balcony. It wasn't worth the added expense. There wasn't much to see for most of that cruise. But another, also incredibly important, is whether or not it’s worth paying extra for a balcony cabin. When it comes to choosing a room, a few factors come to mind including price, position and.

"But, wait," you say. "If I'm going to pay more for a stateroom with a balcony, I want to know exactly why it's worth the money." Fair enough. Below, we've listed the top seven reasons why you. When you are booking a cruise you will have the option of choosing an interior cabin, a cabin with a view, or a balcony cabin. And then , of course, there are suites which have balconies, a huge. Where You're Sailing. One of the few things most cruisers agree on is this, having a balcony on an Alaska or Norwegian Fjords cruise is much more valuable than having one in the Caribbean.Of course, that also means it's more expensive. The Caribbean isn't short of beautiful views, that's for sure, but what makes Alaska and Norwegian sailings a bit more unique is that you spend hours, even days.

A balcony room not only provides more square footage in the balcony, but the rooms are larger inside than lower category rooms. By having extra living space, it limits the claustrophobia that sometimes comes with small cabins on a cruise ship.

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