Is It Worth Upgrading To A Balcony On A Cruise

“The value of having a balcony versus a French balcony depends on the cruise company,” says Mary Jean Tully, TTE for Higher-End Ships. “They are not all designed the same. On Viking’s river cruises, for example, when you splurge on a balcony you are also upgrading to a larger suite, and for many people, that is well worth it. I agree with this….we did upgrade once on Carnival, and the room/balcony was very nice, but SO not worth the extra money. Pretty much any of the other cruise lines are worth it, the perks are quite good. With Carnival, all you get is priority embarkation.

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After picking a specific sailing and cruise ship, it becomes necessary to ponder spending more on an outside stateroom, one with a balcony, or even a larger suite. These days, virtual views can even make inside rooms desirable, but verandas can definitely be worth the splurge. It just depends on how much time you actually plan to spend outside.

Is it worth upgrading to a balcony on a cruise. This is a cross-post with the Celebrity board – I have a feeling I might get different answers from the Alaska pros! 🙂 So a few days ago I asked whether the experts would recommend upgrading our inside cabin to an ocean view guarantee for our upcoming Millennium cruise to Alaska – the general opinion seemed to be to stay put and watch the balcony pricing. The easy answer is to say, yes, a balcony is a wonderful feature to splurge for. As much as cruise ships are becoming destinations unto themselves, we still travel on them to seek out actual destinations, and balconies are what most directly connect private accommodations with both ports of call and the sea. Upgrading to Haven at last minute was totally worth it! Norwegian Breakaway Cruise Review by Canesfan101. We had booked a mini suite with balcony using the casino-at-sea rate and felt we had a.

When you are booking a cruise you will have the option of choosing an interior cabin, a cabin with a view, or a balcony cabin. And then , of course, there are suites which have balconies, a huge. The question, of course, is whether any such premium is worth it, especially when so little time is actually spent in the cabin versus out on deck—where there is plenty of other outdoor spaces to be enjoyed. The easy answer is to say, yes, a balcony is a wonderful feature to splurge for. For example, our recent solo cruise on Norwegian had a cost of $658 for an interior cabin before any taxes and fees. At the time, balcony cabins cost $1,098 — or $440 more. On the Upgrade Advantage offer we were sent, we could bid as little as $50 per person all the way to $400 per person for the balcony cabin.

And she's not sure a balcony on a large cruise ship is worth the extra cash just to gaze out at an endless blue sea. "Not that it's lacking in its own beauty," she says of the sea. "But it falls a. On a river cruise, though, the least expensive cabin can be really tight—170 square feet or less—with small windows that don’t open. It’s usually worth the several hundred dollars more to get a French balcony. The aforementioned Avalon “Panorama Suite” cabins cost about $100 more per person per day than the ship’s lowest-category. A reader asks Wendy Perrin if upgrading to a suite on a Viking River Cruise is worth the money. She and editor Deborah Dunne explain why it might not be a smart idea.

For many, the Upgrade Advantage program is a roll of the dice worth taking. However, the best advice we can give is that you should never count on an upgrade when booking a stateroom. Where You're Sailing. One of the few things most cruisers agree on is this, having a balcony on an Alaska or Norwegian Fjords cruise is much more valuable than having one in the Caribbean.. Of course, that also means it's more expensive. The Caribbean isn't short of beautiful views, that's for sure, but what makes Alaska and Norwegian sailings a bit more unique is that you spend hours, even. It's up to you if this kind of move is worth it. We've also heard of upgrades from balcony cabins to Concierge-level veranda staterooms (typically identical rooms with perks of questionable value.

Booking a cruise early will sometimes result in an upgrade. Cruise ships usually sell out the most expensive cabins and suites first, but the cheapest cabins come next. If you are one of the first to book a cheap cabin, you might get upgraded as the cruise date gets closer if demand is high for your cabin category. upgrading to aft balcony? worth it? heyyo! im going to be going on a cruise on nov 3 to Bermuda on the ncl escape we booked a balcony and have it fully payed but as I tend to do I keep checking the prices and it got me wondering about calling up and upgrading to an aft balcony. Often such discounted balcony offers are very good deals, in which you should definitely consider if selected those cabin upgrades. For example, Celebrity Cruises has a Reduced Rate Upgrade Program in which select future cruisers are offered a last-minute stateroom upgrade within 45 days prior to the sailing, notified by email.

That’s something only you can evaluate. Inside cabins are cheaper, the cheapest rooms you can get on a particular vessel. And there’s a reason for that. Once they had ocean view and partial ocean view (often blocked by lifeboats) Most larger ships… For $250 yes absolutely worth it. A balcony is a wonderful thing. It's so nice to be able to sit out on your balcony as the ship is entering or leaving port, or just sit out there with a book and just watch the ocean go by. The only thing is it might be hard for you to go back to an inside stateroom after this! Now I am considering whether it is worth upgrading to the balcony suite! Because currently it is on special for interior suite (no balcony but just 2 top bay window). I heard the Danube 4 days cruise, the view is worth balcony upgrade (even thought Cat E is sold out) especially in Melk, so I thought why not… Unless I am wrong. Posted by stan.

Ainslee wants to know if it’s worth upgrading her cruise ship cabin to a balcony suite. In Travel SOS, Leon offers some convincing reasons to fork out the extra dough for a room with a view. Q.Ainslee For example, a balcony stateroom can be twice the price of an interior stateroom yet both stateroom options net you 1 loyalty point per night. However, when you upgrade to a Royal Caribbean Junior Suite, (or higher) you earn 2 loyalty points per night. Can anyone give me some advice, already hv suite E733 booked for July cruise and could upgrade to the A1 penthouse! Is it worth it as hv all benefits available in suite cabin? Is the balcony overlooked/completely covered with overhang from Riveria deck. Please rest assured we are not normally for…

On your second cruise, if you feel inclined, get an ocean view room. Enjoy the sunshine and view. Explore the ship, go to all the shows. Get up early and enjoy the sun rise from the top most deck. On or after your 3rd cruise, go ahead and book a balcony. Uh, oh. Now forget exploring the ship and going to shows.

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