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Don’t throw away or recycle those fast food containers just yet. Reuse them when gardening indoors and out. The bottom of salad, pasta and other containers make great saucers for your indoor plants. Many are black, giving them an elegant look and feel while others are clear so they are less noticeable. Just like fast food cups may be made of different materials, their lids may be also. A person would have to look at a fast food lid and see what material it is made of in order to determine if the lid is recyclable. Also, the rules at a recycling center that is close to the fast food restaurant would also have to take this material.

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Not so fast. The reality is unfortunately far more complicated. Americans are locked into a dysfunctional relationship with plastic. Collectively, we generate approximately 33 million tons of plastic trash each year, but less than 10 percent of that actually gets recycled.And even if you want to recycle the stuff, the multiple types—polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and so forth.

Recycle fast food containers. Yes, although it depends on who’s doing the recycling and if you let the soda stick in there. Recycling is a complex industry and the answer really depends on your area. The cup carriers, they are made out of paper pulp and literally get recycled. Recyclers condense recyclable materials into bales that are then sold by weight. The polystyrene foam used in these items is about 95 percent air, which makes transporting it very expensive. In food courts, baseball stadiums, and fast food restaurants, composting bins tend to overflow with plates and tableware, but people eat most of the food they buy when eating out.

Many to-go containers are similar to plastic bottles, but they're often caked with food. If it's too dirty, the recycling plant might just send it to the landfill . Not so fast. The reality is unfortunately far more complicated. Americans are locked into a dysfunctional relationship with plastic. Collectively, we generate approximately 33 million tons of plastic trash each year, but less than 10 percent of that actually gets recycled.And even if you want to recycle the stuff, the multiple types – polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and so forth. Each of these is safe for storing food and can be reused until they start to show signs of wear. If you find that your plastic containers—be they from food packages or storage containers you buy at the kitchen store—start to scratch or discolor, it’s best to recycle them to prevent any chemicals leeching into your food.

Along with burgers, tacos and french fries, fast food restaurants serve up a mountain of paper, plastic and Styrofoam waste every day. Fast food waste is a growing problem, as fast food chains expand and open new restaurants around the world. Some fast food companies have taken voluntary steps to reduce, reuse or recycle their waste, but is that enough? 19 Totally Ingenious Ways To Use Empty Food And Drink Containers If you aren't making lemonade in a near-empty honey jar then you're really missing out. by Emily Fleischaker Take-out and fast food tend to create a lot of waste. Recyclebank gives you 7 ways you can reduce your fast food waste and enjoy your take-out meals in a way that helps minimized waste. Learn more about how to make your Food & Drink sustainable with Recyclebank. Earn Recyclebank points by recycling and taking green actions and use points for rewards.

The amount of garbage created from all the fast food restaurants around the U.S. is astronomical. Other countries, such as Taiwan and South Korea, offer recycling receptacles in their fast food restaurants. There are containers for food, paper, liquid and waste. However, fast food or food court restaurants serving takeout food do not have the option of giving out endless reusable containers every day. Because of this, the amount of waste from restaurant takeout containers really piles up. One type of container often used for takeout food is plastic clamshell containers. City recycling instructs you to put clean containers in the recycle bins. But I’ve become increasingly frustrated trying to get certain pet-food cans, yogurt containers, and margarine containers.

After being reminded by my sister to recycle a frozen waffle box one morning, I decided it was time for me to do some research.. – Food containers or jars – Soft drink and beer bottles – Wine and liquor bottles. Don't Recycle. – Fast food packaging – Plastic Utensils. Here is a list of restaurants and fast food stops around the country with recyclable containers to help you save the environment. Applebee's: The to-go containers and carry-out containers from Applebee's are not only completely recyclable, but they are also made from recycled products But, unless your local authority sends its food and garden waste to an industrial compost facility, these containers will remain decidedly plasticy for many generations to come.

Fast food containers – Avoid fast food for this reason, and for your health. Tableware – Use durable tableware at your picnics and special events. This includes plates, bowls, cups, napkins, silverware, serving dishes and tablecloths. Take-out containers – Take a plastic food storage container to the restaurant and box up your leftovers. The biggest reason to keep grease and food residue out of the recycling technically isn’t a recycling issue at all! It’s a sanitary one. Food residue spoils, which can create unsafe conditions for workers in recycling facilities. Prevent mold and bacteria from growing on your recyclables by rinsing them before you put them in the bin. There is a large market for recycled plastic bottles and containers, and keeping that valuable material out of landfills also helps reduce energy use and emissions. How to recycle it Look for curbside, school, work, or public space recycling bins, or find local recycling drop-off centers.

Feb 27, 2017 – Explore Margie Ree's board "Recycled Food Containers" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Food containers, Recycling, Recycling containers. offers 1,972 recycle fast food container products. About 38% of these are packaging boxes, 6% are foil containers, and 3% are storage boxes & bins. A wide variety of recycle fast food container options are available to you, such as storage boxes & bins, storage bottles & jars, and other tableware. Experts’ answer: You have to wash your recyclables—sometimes. “Since recyclables are all mixed together, the materials—like pasta jars or yogurt containers—need to be free of any food residue,” a spokesperson from the trash and recycling company Waste Management tells me. “These materials are all used to make new products and packaging, and the quality of our recyclable materials.

To help us identify what we can recycle, many products use a label that shows how we should dispose of it. These labels are referred to as ‘on-pack recycling labels’. Find out more about on-pack recycling labels. Before recycling your packaging, remove any food or drink reside by rinsing it in your used washing up water.

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