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got this for some quick extra storage of our boxes and tubs. we put it up on some cinder blocks and 3/4" painted plywood just to keep it off the ground, but you can set it on pavers depending on what you want to store in it. the floor took us the day to get set up and leveled and painted, the shed a good day as well. directions say just a few hours but we all know that never happens. highly. FYI — Solar Saddle The First Easy-Handling Solar Blanket Storage System The Solar Saddle is a unique and simple storage solution for above ground pool solar blankets. Tired of that soggy solar blanket lying on the deck or the ground? Or maybe you've been struggling to roll it up on a solar reel.

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A solar reel is a companion to any solar blanket purchase and makes deploying and storing your solar cover convenient and simple. Raise your water temperature by as much as 15 degrees with the power of the sun and an In the Swim solar blanket! Round Solar Pool Covers. Winter Covers Find the perfect fitting Winter Pool Cover for your inground.

Solar blanket winter storage. Winter Solar Blanket Storage. Some solar covers come with a big bag to store the cover in. I put mine in the bag, and then I put it into a container with a top on it (like a clean trash bin). If you have field mice in your area, they like to nest inside the folds of the blanket and can chew holes, ruining your solar blanket. Our selection of solar cover reels make it easy to deploy your solar heating cover from over your pool. We offer reels for oval, rectangular and round pool covers. COVID-19 update: We’re open for business! The Daisy box makes a convenient bench and has storage space for your pool essentials. The Solar Roller Cover Stick is a simple, fast & affordable device that rolls covers in just 15 seconds! Pool blankets can really help in Autumn & Spring. If you don’t have space for even the Solar Roller, then think about a liquid pool blanket.

INCLUDED with your order: the solar battery operated powered-reel-ends with battery installed, two handheld remote controllers, an AC/DC indoor battery charger for charging/conditioning the battery while the system is in winter storage, to keep your battery fully charged and ready for the next season. PLEASE NOTE, the AC/DC charger is not for outdoors use for your safety. While the solar blanket is in use, both sides of the solar cells will generate heat. This heat may cause damage to the vehicles paintwork if placed directly on a painted surface. Therefore when using this product near your vehicle, only place the solar blanket on the windshield or roof rack. Sep 3, 2018 – Explore Medhat Mohamed's board "solar cover" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Solar, Solar cover, Solar panels.

When closing the pool for the winter, above ground reels should be taken off and stored indoors. For in ground reels, try a heavy duty winter solar blanket cover which protects the solar cover and reel tube from rain, debris, and sunshine during the winter, if you are unable to find storage room indoors for the blanket and reel. Covering it All The Revolutionary In-ground Solar Roller System. Conventional solar blanket rollers are bulky and detract from the overall beauty of your pool and landscaping. But with the ClearDeck® In-Ground Solar Blanket Roller, the blanket is concealed below deck and completely hidden out of sight when not in use. The 12 Mil Clear Premium Solar Blanket allows full spectrum light to reach the floor of the pool and therefore has the best heating capacity of all the pool blankets. Always remember to install your sun blanket bubble side down to experience the full effectiveness of the product.

Built for use with any reel on the market, this cover protects your solar blanket from rain, snow, ice, wind and even the UV rays from sunlight. Available in a variety of sizes and comes with a 90-day warranty. This cover is compatible with solar covers for swimming pools from 16 to 28 feet long. Reel and solar blanket not included. read more Rectangle Solar Pool Cover, Endothermic Protector Thermal Blanket, Above Ground Protection Swimming Pool, Place Bubble-Side Down in Pool,5.245.24ft CDN$ 25.99 CDN$ 25 . 99 CDN$ 3.99 shipping Products > Solar Blanket Storage Systems > STYLES . Providing our customers the fastest turn-around times in the industry on all Custom Products! CONTACT.. Winter Covers; Safety Fencing; Solar Blanket Storage Systems; PARTS. Cleaner Parts; Solar Reel Parts; Safety Cover Parts; Safety Fencing Parts; All Other Parts; SUPPORT.

Inground Solar Blanket Storage Systems – For off-season storage of Solar Blanket – Install wood screw hooks into fence, wall or even hang from garage or shed ceiling. Be sure to install hooks into solid wood posts or studs. Roll solar blanket onto the storage system and suspend from hooks using the enclosed storage straps. Fits reels up to 24' wide. 3 year warranty. Will fit on solar reels up to 24' ft. wide Velcro strap holds the cover on the reel Eliminates you from having to lift the reel and blanket away for storage and adds years of life to the reel and blanket Color: May Vary- you may receive blue, tan or green color Warranty: 3-Years has the best deals anywhere on swimming pool liners, solar blankets, solar covers, pool safety covers, Winter pool covers, and much more!

Our pool installers told us that the cold doesn’t hurt the blanket, it’s the sunshine. So, I had a new idea for our winter pool solar blanket storage. Ha! I measured my solar blanket roller and bought two feet longer than what the solar blanket took up, rolled on the roller. And, the best invention to help with this project, double sided. A solar blanket floating on the water keeps some of that heat from dissipating. And if you couple a gas or electric pool heater with a solar blanket, the heater won’t need to run as long to keep your pool temperature steady. 3. Reduce Evaporation. A solar blanket can cut evaporation by about 95 percent. 4. Keep Bugs and Debris Out A solar cover should not be kept on the pool during winter months unless the pool is in use. For long-term storage, such as over winter, the solar cover should be cleaned thoroughly with a soft brush and a chemically safe cleaner. Your local pool dealer can guide you in purchasing an appropriate cleaner for your specific type of cover.

Our rugged heavy duty water tubes will not split like thinner 14- or 16-gauge bags. Up to 33% heavier than other bags. Quality Halkey Roberts(r) no-leak valves are easily filled with a garden hose. 10 ft. double tube, 5-pack. Solar Saddle – A Very EZ, Safe and Convenient one-step Solar Cover Storage System. FOR 20 YEARS SOLAR-EZ, INC. HAS SPECIALIZED MANUFACTURING FLEXIBLE, DURABLE, JPOLYMER SOLAR SADDLE COVER HOLDERS. DUE TO HIGH CUSTOMER PRODUCT SATISFACTION, CHILD SAFETY AND OTHER PROTECTION ISSUES CONSIDERED; Solar pool covers are an economical way to keep your pool water heated and extend your swimming season. Resembling bubble wrap, solar swimming pool covers trap the sun’s natural heat in the bubble air pockets then transfers the heat directly to the water of an inground or above ground pool.

However, it can present a problem because most renewable energy systems have the shortest days (i.e. lowest solar production) and highest loads during the winter, when capacity is lower. Common battery storage solutions such as tin shelters, refrigerators or homemade boxes offer little protection from cold winter temperatures.


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