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11. Portrait of Pope Julius II. Date Created: 1511-1512 Location: National Gallery, London, United Kingdom Pope Julius II was a passionate art lover and it’s mainly because of him that we are able to enjoy so many works of the artists of the High Renaissance, including Raphael’s, Da Vinci’s and Michelangelo’s.He commissioned countless pieces of art, including this portrait. One of the most famous paintings in the National Gallery, Titian’s Bacchus and Ariadne illustrates a story told by the classical authors Ovid and Catullus. The Cretan princess Ariadne has been abandoned on the Greek island of Naxos by Theseus, whose ship sails away in the distance. Bacchus, god o…

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"The Wallace Collection comprises three features worth the visit: an extensive collection of art, mainly from the 1600s to early 1800s, an extensive armory from 1400s-1800s, and an opulent mansion furnished with mo…" "This is a MUST SEE – conveniently located off Oxford Street, in the Wallace Collection you'll have the most delightful collection of art works, suits of armour, elegant writing.

Top 10 paintings in london. With London home to art gallery after world-class art gallery, picking a painting to go visit can be tricky. So howsabout starting with this list of 'The 100 best paintings in London', drawn up. 10. Wheat Field with Cypresses. Wheat Field with Cypresses, 1889 – The Tate Gallery, London (shown top). Wheat Field with Cypresses, 1889 – The National Gallery, London: 9. The Bedroom. The Bedroom, 1888 – The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (shown top). The Bedroom, 1889 – The Musée d’Orsay, Paris: 8. Potato Eaters, The, 1885 – The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam 6/10 Vincent van Gogh's most iconic paintings Visitors look at the painting 'The Potato Eaters' (De Aardappeleters, 1885) by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) at the Van Gogh Museum in.

Painted by Gainsborough around 1750, this is one of the most famous landscape paintings ever created in Britain. Why the couple pictured, the aristocratic Andrews family, are certainly handsome with lots of detail; the real start of this painting is the sublime English landscape beyond.. Top 10 London. Top 10 London: Top Ten Things to See. London & Partners is registered in England under no. 7493460. Registered Office: London & Partners, 2 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2RR. London & Partners is the official promotional agency for London. We promote London and attract businesses, events, congresses, students and visitors to the capital. 10. Tribute to Basquiat. Two new murals by Banksy recently appeared in London in September 2017. They are located outside the Barbican centre in Central London. Both murals were created just a few days before the opening of the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition at the centre. Both artworks were painted as a tribute to the American pioneering.

And while London's galleries now house some of the world's most famous paintings, London itself has also been a muse to many artists. From the Parliament Buildings to scenes along the Thames, the city has been depicted again and again through artists' eyes, their brushstrokes attempting to capture some of the magic of London. Buckingham Palace is one of the world's few remaining working royal palaces.It has been open to visitors during the summer months for more than 20 years. Whether you're a first-timer or a royal aficionado, here's our pick of what to see when you drop into Her Majesty's residence in central London.. Book Buckingham Palace tickets. 1. The State Rooms. There are 775 rooms in Buckingham Palace. Top 10 Greatest Landscape Paintings.. I'm not sure how many times I've looked at this painting, the fourth in my personal list of 'top ten' artworks. When I lived in London, I would go every Sunday afternoon to the National Gallery, what is now known as Tate Britain, or to the British Museum..

The National Gallery in London is so full of paintings — over 3,200 of them at the last count — that it would take months to properly appreciate them all. Nestled in the heart of London, the Gallery has been collecting works of art since 1824 and its collection spans centuries and artistic styles. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael – art history greats don’t get much bigger than they did in the Italian Renaissance. The National Gallery is home to a world-class collection of. Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings in the World. This list of top 10 most expensive paintings in the world has been taken from various news reports and details available from various reputable auction houses around the world, including Christie’s and Sotheby’s, among others.

Here is a list of top 10 most famous paintings all time. 10. The Birth of Venus. The Birth of Venus is a 1486 painting by Sandro Botticelli. It depicts the goddess Venus, having emerged from the sea as a fully grown woman, arriving at the sea-shore . Top 10 Impressionist Paintings Our list of the top 10 impressionist paintings contains three entries from Manet, three from Monet, and one each from Pissarro, Renoir, Cezanne and Degas. We have chosen paintings using three criteria: (i) historical importance to the impressionist movement; (ii) value; and (iii) beauty. Vincent van Gogh only sold two paintings while he was alive. Now, he is considered one of the best and most important painters. Most of his work is preserved and can be found in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherland. 10. Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat Van Gogh painted a great many self-portraits during his life, claiming that he had deliberately bought an excellent quality mirror as.

Apr 6, 2016 – Explore betsy4262's board ""Top 10 Best Paintings of All Time" Class Lecture based on Illustrated London News Study 1985" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Art history, Art, Artist. A quick tour to see the 10 most famous paintings. Top things to do in London! If don't have much time, follow our short guide to the National Gallery. A quick tour to see the 10 most famous paintings. Top things to do in London!. This post on the painting to see at the National Gallery in London was published on 16 October 2015 and has been. The 100 best paintings in London: the top 10. Leading artists, gallery owners, curators and critics pick the best paintings to be seen in the capital.

London's trove of more than 300 galleries and museums makes the task of selecting its top paintings a tad subjective and necessarily limited (the National Gallery alone houses more than 2,300. First, on my top 10 paintings in the Louvre Museum is “Le Portement de la Croix” by Biagio d’Antonio.Biagio d’Antonio is an Italian Renaissance artist, who also contributed to the decoration of the Sistine Chapel. “Le Portement de la Croix” is believed to have been produced between 1480 and 1520.It entered the Louvre Museum in 1814. Tate Britain hosts an amazing collection of British art. You can see images of many of the paintings below on the official Tate Britain website. Sadly, Tate Britain didn't grant us permission to reproduce any of the images here. You could quite easily spend all day in this gem of a museum and it's a day well spent. But if you just want to see the highlights, I'd suggest this Top Ten list.

Papers bring Van Gogh's time in London to life .. The oldest painting in the top 10 and competing with "The. the "Creation of Adam" rounds out the top 10 most famous paintings list. Credit.


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