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Venison neck has enough flavor that even water makes a good cooking liquid, but stock is better. Use red wine or dark ale for up to a quarter of the liquid, for added flavor. When the roast is cooked you can strain the cooking liquid and thicken it to make a complementary sauce for the venison. Recipe Crockpot Neck Roast and Potatoes. 07/17/2015. Slow cooked venison roast with potatoes, carrots and onions. Ingredients – Venison neck roast – 2-3 lbs potatoes – 2 medium yellow onions – 2 lbs carrots – 32oz chicken or beef broth – Salt, pepper, garlic powder. Directions. 1. Peel 2-3 lbs potatoes

Venison Neck Roast Recipe Venison recipes, Pot roast

A venison pot roast is a bit different from the classic Jewish pot roast I ate as a kid. That pot roast was always made with beef brisket, a luscious, fatty cut that lends itself to slow and low cooking. Just ask the Texans about that one. Try to make a pot roast from a deer, elk or moose brisket and you’ll run up against its leanness.

Venison neck roast crock pot recipe. This neck roast bbq recipe is a great dish to make with a whole venison neck, or a 4-to-6 pound piece of elk or moose neck. Since the neck is a heavily used muscle it takes a lot of cooking to tenderize the meat. l have great luck using a slow cooker.. After 6-8 hours, the meat can be pulled right off the bone. Season the roast liberally with salt and pepper on all sides; Heat a heavy-bottomed 6-to 8-quart Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add the oil. When the oil begins to shimmer, add the butter; it will bubble up. When the bubbles subside, add the roast and sear until dark brown. Flip the roast and sear the other side; Remove the roast to a plate. The beer helps tenderize the meat while accentuating that perfectly gamey flavor with malty backbones. You can choose to use a boneless venison roast for ease, or toss in a bone-in steak. Cook this roast on low for six hours and it'll be perfect for slicing. Get the recipe for this slow cooker venison pot roast here. 5. Crock-Pot Venison Stroganoff

Beer braised venison neck renders a traditionally tough cut of venison into a mouthwateringly tender roast with a rich silky gravy. Venison neck is not the most popular cut of meat found on a deer. If venison neck was a student-athlete, it would only be put in the game when the team is up by 30 and they just want a heart-warming ‘Rudy’ moment. The Best Crock-Pot Venison Pot Roast Recipe of All Time. Posted by Dustin Prievo. June 21, 2020. Your new favorite venison pot roast recipe is not only delicious, but it's simple and takes little time. I love to cook but with my busy schedule, sometimes it's just easier to go out and grab a meal from the local restaurant. Place roast in crock pot. In a large measuring cup, gradually mix hot water or coffee with cream of mushroom soup until smooth. Pour over venison roast. Sprinkle with Lipton Onion Soup mix and steak seasoning. Cook on high setting for 8 hours then lower the temperature to the low setting until ready to serve.

Obviously the neck is a part of the deer’s body that is used a lot – it’s muscular and has fat marbled through the meat – which means it will be best when cooked for a long time with moist heat – you Crock Pot is the perfect way to cook a Venison Neck Roast. Your Crock-Pot was made for slow cooking meat. If you've never tried using your slow cooker for wild game, here's a venison recipe that's easy, versatile and sure to please your whole family.There's a little bit of prep work, then you can toss everything in the slow cooker and walk away until dinner time. For dinner, try this pulled venison on hamburger buns as a twist on sloppy joes, served. This is the entire recipe with modifications added: 2-3 pounds boneless venison roast 1 large onion, sliced 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp. garlic powder 1 tsp. ground black pepper 1 tsp. Mrs. Dash seasoning 1 (1 ounce) package dry onion soup mix with 2 cups of water (mix calls for 4) 1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed cream of muchroom soup 4.

Venison Neck Roast in a Crock Pot Ingredients. This recipe was all my 7-quart Crock Pot could handle. You can include or substitute other vegetables and ingredients from your favorite pot roast recipe. The soups used in the recipe add all the spices I needed other than pepper. Serves 6-10. 5-7 pound venison neck roast Back to the Instant Pot Red Wine Venison Roast. My stew recipe taught me that the Instant Pot is a one way ticket to tender venison town. It creates fall apart meat like no other. What I do to make this happen with a roast, is start by searing it as hard as I can on the saute cycle for 10 minutes. (The bone was then roasted and simmered to make a big pot of antelope stock for some antelope green chile I plan on making.). How to Cook a Venison Neck Roast. By David Draper. September 5.

The neck roast of a whitetail deer is an often overlooked gem. Many times, the necks get boned out for burger, or worse, thrown out with the scraps. If you don’t normally keep a whole neck roast from your deer, give it a try this season. The tenderness of a cut of venison directly depends on how much use the muscle gets. Put roast in crock pot. Add bouillon cubes and powdered dressing mix. Pour entire jar (do NOT drain) of peppers over roast. Cook 6-8 hours on HIGH. When roast is tender and falling apart, finish shredding (I just stick 2 forks in the crock pot and start pulling apart) and serve on fresh hoagie rolls. Delicious! Photo by Holly A. Heyser. OK folks, here it is: The best recipe for a deer’s front shoulder I’ve yet to find: Venison barbacoa. This is a classic Mexican barbacoa, a mildly spicy, long-braised variant on barbecue works perfectly with the tough, sinewy front legs on a deer, or really any animal.

Crock-Pot Venison Roast. Here is a recipe for all you hunters or wives of hunters! Submitted by reader Kari M. is this fantastic recipe for Venison pot roast cooked right in your slow cooker!. This is a classic recipe for venison roast with tender yellow potatoes, chunks of carrots and celery and onion and garlic to boot. Arrange the onions, carrots, and mushrooms in the bottom of a slow cooker. Rub the venison rump roast with garlic, black pepper, and salt, then place on top of the vegetables. The Venison Neck Roast is not a cut that we saved years ago. I am not sure why, because when it is cooked properly, the Venison Neck Roast is one of the more tender cuts of the deer. The beauty of making the venison neck roast is that it is very versatile! You could make a traditional pot roast, like the stew above.

Crock Pot Venison Barbecue In this recipe, the venison is cut into cubes and slow cooked with a homemade barbecue sauce mixture made with tomato soup. Venison Sausage With Potatoes Fresh venison sausage is browned and then baked with tomatoes, onions, and seasonings. Place the venison shoulder pieces inside the crock-pot, and cover with apples and onions. Put the crock-pot on low and cook for about 12 hours. Once it's done, remove the shoulder roast from the crock-pot and leave all of the apples, onions, and juices in the pot. Put the deer shoulder in a bowl and serve it as you wish. Place your venison neck roast in a deep pan. Cut off all excess fat. Salt and pepper your roast and lay two strips of bacon over the meat. Cook this roast slowly, 275 to 300 degrees for 6 to 10 hours depending on temperature used. This roast will be very tender with the meat falling off of the bone.

Use the above recipe to make easy Homemade Gravy with the juice in the bottom of the Crock Pot. NOTES: After 4 hours, clean carrots and onions and add the Crock Pot. Place around the roast. Onions may be left whole or cut in half.

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