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With a Great Kilt you would be wearing the weight instead of carrying the weight in a pack. Nov 19, 2009 at 9:37 am #1546425. Joshua Gilbert. Member. @joshcgil2. Locale: Seattle. I've spent a few nights without a sleeping bag, using a wool blanket and I was really cold. It was a long time ago, so I don't recall the temps, but every time I've. Here is a quick guide to the best ultralight sleeping bag liners for backpacking and hiking. A sleeping bag liner does exactly what it sounds like – it lines your sleeping bag. The liner is usually made of a thin cloth and is shaped like a cocoon. It is designed to be a barrier between you and the sleeping bag itself.

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While wool blankets are very rugged and resistant to sparks from a fire, most of them are very densely woven and don't provide the fluffy type of insulation that bags offer. I will always use wool blankets when the weather permits, but when the temps really drop, I'll take the sleeping bag (and put it inside a wool "blanket bag" ).

Wool blanket instead of sleeping bag. If weight is a huge issue you might want to use a sleeping bag, but the wool blanket is comfortable and will keep you warm. They're also pretty cheap, definitely below $100. level 1. 1 point · 5 years ago. i only just recently bought a sleeping bag. Before that, it was always just a air mattress + pillow + blanket. The Cocoon Merino Wool Mummy Liner is made with very fine, non-scratchy wool for excellent comfort when you're traveling and camping out. You can slip it inside your sleeping bag or use it alone. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. It mimics that cosy, wrapped up feeling without the chance of baby wriggling the blanket away. So, if you’re not feeling too confident about swaddling, give a newborn sleeping bag a try. Ideal for wriggly babies, sleeping bags are designed to withstand reflexes and kicks that would dislodge normal blankets.

Whatever benefit a blanket may hold over a sleeping bag, it is significantly outweighed by the its bulk and weight. If all other gear stays the same, by replacing a blanket with a sleeping bag, and keeping the overall weight of your pack the same, you can bring significant amount of extra crucial gear like traps and ammo. Cots w/foam sleeping pad, good down sleeping bag, 6 point wool blanket under, then folded over, botton folded up, large (very) safety pin. Toasty, at whatever temp, as it cooled down, borrow deeper. Wool stocking cap helps, don't sleep in the clothes you plan on wearing, just keep in the bag with you. Warmer weather, just wool blanket. My blanket of choice for the task is an old wool blanket I bought about fourteen years ago. In fact, it is the first sleep insulation I used on my early backpacking trips. It was promptly replaced by a sleeping bag, but it’s an excellent blanket, so I’ve been using it around the house.

Some of us are old enough to have started camping, mainly in the back garden,using a "sleeping bag" made of a blanket and blanket pins. I quickly moved on to a kapok filled sleeping bag (from Millets IIRC ) and the improvement was a quantum leap. I've bumped into a few videos recently with people using not the (for myself) usual combination of sleeping bag, sleeping pad (/w piece of tarp under it) and a tarp as a roof – but used a wool blanket instead of the pad. One of the pros of this was the would not have their sleeping bag or a bivvy bag burned with sparks. One of the reasons why it is well-loved by many is the fact that it is multipurpose. Aside from being a blanket, you can also use it as a surface cover, shelter, tablecloth, and sleeping bag, making it a popular choice amongst survivalists. 5. Rothco Wool Blanket

The Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket ($99, rumpl.com) and Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket ($149) feel like the outside of a sleeping bag or down jacket, so they effectively repel liquid, sand and dirt. They are made from recycled water bottles — a minimum of 50 per blanket! The NanoLoft is a synthetic down blanket. If you only camp a few times and year and want to save money by not buying a sleeping bag, there are options too. As said before, blankets are always an option, but if you do prefer a sleeping bag, then something inexpensive from Walmart or Amazon will do quite fine for the summertime. Keep in mind with cheap sleeping bags, the ratings probably. One setup I have used in the past was a sleeping pad with wool blanket. Then I went to sleeping pad stuffed in a bivy with a wool blanket. I enjoy the freedom of the blanket but like you said a true wool blanket is bulky and heavy. I have a old military wool blanket and it does not pack well. Use the pad, bivy and wool blanket when I did the CBDR.

I was worried because I have a lot of sleep issues and I absolutely always have to sleep on my stomach. There are a couple of latches/straps on the bottom instead of a zipper, and one small zipper to use as a bag for your feet. If you're a stomach sleep quilt that can be a sleeping bag or a blanket is a good choice. Especially heavier wool, like a Hudson's Bay blanket. And I'm not one of those retro snob guys. Wool is still a fantastic fabric, durable, warm, and just all around nice. And it's awful nice to just wrap around yourself when reading a book and not in the sleeping bag, or as your only cover on more temperate days. And even useful at home on the bed. While Camping this past Memorial Weekend at Stoney Brook Campground in Dansville, NY I really wished I had a Wool blanket instead of a sleeping bag with me. I learned the benefits of a wool blanket vs sleeping bag that dreadful, cold night. Let me tell you why! I decided to leave our warm fire and hit the hay.

If you are camping in a frigid region, then you might need a blanket with your sleeping bag, provided that your sleeping bag is not rated for freezing temperatures. You might not need a blanket if you have the right kind of sleeping bag with you that can protect you from cold and keep you warm in freezing temperatures. When winter camping I use the blanket instead of or in addition to my sleeping pad. Coldest I have been out in is -21F, in a tent. From the ground up – Thermarest, Wool Blanket, winter mummy bag, summer mummy bag inside, with a fleece liner inside that. I was comfy and did not even melt the snow under my tent. Weight is the very reason I am/was considering fleece instead of sleeping bag. A fleece blanket weighs only 400g, whereas my good Macpac sleeping bag is 1.5kg. Even the cheaper sleeping bags we have for the kids are 1.1kg With a pack that weighs 1.4kg, I am at almost half my desired weight-to-carry (6kg) with only two items! Hence the fleece trial.

Before sleeping bags became popular, backpackers and campers used to sleep outdoors with wool blankets. Some still do. But for warm weather camping, there’s definitely something to be said for using a blanket filled with synthetic insulation rather than a more constrictive sleeping bag or liner. Hidden in the side of the blanket’s hems are tiny pockets that conceal button snaps and loops that allow you to connect one side to the other. That feature, paired with cinching top and bottom hems, allow the Firebelly to close up almost entirely and become a virtual stand-in for a sleeping bag. 5. Use a Sleeping Bag Liner. If you are cold while camping, then you probably need a sleeping bag which is better rated for the cold. A new sleeping bag can be expensive though. If you don’t feel like buying a new sleeping bag, consider a sleeping bag liner instead. A good sleeping bag liner can add 10+ degrees of rating to your bag.

Swaddled for the first month and then used grobags. Agree with tarlia and juneau that it's easier to kick in the bag than under blankets. On the 'official' grobag store, you can get 25% off travel ones (2.5 tog) – you can use them as normal ones – and also get cashback from quidco (can you tell what I've been buying today!).

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